Volunteers for digs in Israel are responsible for their own travel arrangements (airfare) to and from Israel.


The dig will finance Accommodations (meals and transportation) for volunteers for up to one month, if you wish to stay more, we can prepare a special price for you. The accomodations will be in Tiberias, a town 5km /3 mi from Migdal, right in the center of town in a house in the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, great location, near shops and restaurants, it’s beside the hospital and right across the street is the information center.

All rooms have bathrooms with towels, Air Conditioning system, internet and there are 2 small kitchenettes. A big dining room an outdoors dining area with TV, washing machine , refrigerator, freezer and parking lot.

Clothing & equipment

For summer digs, some kind of head-covering is essential as the midday sun is extremely strong in Israel. Bring some warm clothing too, as even during the summer the nights can be cool.

Israel’s winters are very wet and cold. During winter digs, warm clothing and water-proof boots are required. All clothing for working at the dig site should be comfortable and sturdy, made for heavy work.

Bringing sunscreen is mandatory, please bring one with a minimum of 50 spf for summer and of 30 spf for winter.


Work hours at a dig site vary according to the conditions. A typical day begins before dawn and usually ends in the mid-afternoon. A rest break is provided around lunch time and afternoons and evenings are often devoted to additional work at the dig site,  lectures, or to the cleaning of artifacts discovered during the day’s dig. Evenings are usually free time for volunteers to relax and enjoy other activities.


Volunteers are advised to arrange for full medical and accident insurance in advance. Even when accident insurance is provided by the expedition, it is usually minimal.

Application and Registration

We ask you to kindly send an email to the email provided in the blog, so we can start the process, you will have to fill in some forms.